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CCTV camera security on the wall

Round-The-Clock CCTV Monitoring In Gravesend

Are you looking for premium CCTV installation in Gravesend? Look no further than Project Security Systems Ltd. Whether you need a new system installation, an upgrade to your existing CCTV equipment, or are unhappy with your current supplier's service quality, we have you covered. We specialise in creating tailored security solutions from scratch or seamlessly taking over the maintenance of your current setup, with upgrade options always available.

Take your security to the next level with our bespoke CCTV solution and experience unparalleled service quality.

Security camera on a white wall in the office

Enhance Your Home Security With Domestic CCTV

A CCTV system adds an extra layer of security, allowing you to monitor activity around your property and also acting as a visual deterrent against break-ins or vandalism. Not only is CCTV a method of capturing evidence of a crime, but it’s also a very effective deterrent. The cost of a home CCTV system has become much more affordable in recent years, which is why its popularity is growing among homeowners. At Project Security Systems Ltd, we can design, supply, and install a range of domestic CCTV systems. Our services include professional CCTV installation, VTR, and CCTV monitoring, ensuring comprehensive home security. Contact our CCTV installers today.

CCTV or surveillance operating in an office building

Comprehensive Security With Commercial CCTV Systems

While a CCTV system for a business is an effective deterrent to intruders, it can serve other valuable purposes such as protection for lone and vulnerable workers, monitoring for health and safety issues, detection of anti-social behaviour, and keeping track of visitors and customers. At Project Security Systems Ltd, we design every commercial CCTV system bespoke to each business, managing every aspect from surveys, design, and specification to installation ourselves. We use only quality equipment from trusted manufacturers such as Hikvision, ensuring every installation integrates seamlessly with other security measures to create a comprehensive solution. Our services include professional CCTV installation, VTR, and CCTV monitoring, reinforcing our commitment to delivering exceptional commercial security solutions.

CCTV security camera in a city with blurry business building in the background

Our Advanced Industrial CCTV Solutions

Located in Gravesend, Project Security Systems Ltd offers comprehensive industrial CCTV services, from site risk assessments and system design to installation and maintenance. Our bespoke recommendations protect high-risk industrial sites with advanced surveillance technology, including high-definition footage. We provide tailored solutions, incorporating cameras, communication networks, and wireless intruder alarms to meet your specific security needs. Contact us to enhance your site's security with our cutting-edge systems.

Dome secure cameras on light background

24/7 Surveillance Solutions

Call Us For Reliable CCTV Services.

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