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Gravesend’s Access Control Systems For Better Security

Our advanced access control systems allow you to control access to your premises with ease and precision. At Project Security Systems Ltd, we offer tailored solutions designed to enhance security and streamline entry management in Gravesend. From intercoms to biometric systems, we provide flexible options to meet your specific needs. Elevate your security standards and gain peace of mind with our comprehensive access control systems.

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Enhance Your Home Security With Keyless Door Entry Systems

Domestic properties can benefit from a keyless door entry system just as a commercial property can. It offers you control over who enters your home without having to physically open the door, providing added security and accessibility for those with limited mobility. Project Security Systems Ltd offers a range of home access control systems, including intercom, proximity fob, card, and keypad systems. Each system is custom-designed for your home, and our team handles all installations to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance.

A person swiping a card for entry

Secure And Flexible Access Control Solutions

Many commercial properties or buildings of multiple occupancy can benefit from advanced technology, which includes access control, intercom systems, entry systems, and home security, which allows you to control who enters your building and which areas they can access. It eliminates the need for keys that can be lost, stolen, or broken and allows you to grant or withdraw access instantly. Access control systems provide a secure method to manage entry for staff, customers, and visitors. Utilising intercoms, proximity fobs or cards, keypads, or even biometric systems, these solutions offer flexible security that enables you to set individual access permissions and track movements in and out of your premises.

An entry system with a keypad

Secure Access, Enhanced Compliance

Access control systems play a crucial role in regulating entry and exit from commercial buildings. They provide a means to restrict and manage access, which is invaluable for areas where sensitive work is conducted, confidential documents are stored, or hazardous materials are present. By installing access control systems, you not only enhance security but also ensure compliance with health and safety regulations and fire safety standards. These systems record the arrival and departure times of individuals, creating an accurate log of building occupancy. Additionally, they offer features to restrict access to specific areas during designated time periods, such as nights or weekends. With options including keypad, fob or card, and biometric mechanisms, our range of access control, intercom systems, and entry systems provide versatile solutions tailored to your security needs.

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Control Access Easily

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